Pest Control Website Builder

Pest Control Website Builder

There are a lot of different companies offering a pest control website builder.  Many of these companies even claim to offer “free” websites!  What they don’t tell you is that you will spend countless hours setting it up.  In addition, you will still have to pay for website hosting.  A pest control website builder is not always as good as it sounds!  Here are some example of companies who will provide you with a pest control website builder

Option 1:  Square Space –

Square space is one option where you can get a pest control website builder.  However, you will need to spend a lot of time customizing everything to apply the the pest control business.  In addition, you will likely need to add some nice photos which is very expensive!  You can get these at a place like .   Once you use the free pest control website builder to set up the website you will probably realize that it’s not as professional looking as you had hoped.   You will then be on the hook for the approximately $20/month hosting cost which will be on a shared server.  More on that later.

Option 2:  Wix –

Another option to consider that is similar to Square Space is  They also offer a pest control website builder.  Wix is a competitor to Square Space and essentially another place to a pest control website builder.  Once again, you will need to spend a lot of time customizing the website and the end results never look as nice as the “easy to use” interface would seem to imply.  You will also need to pay for hosting costs through Wix which will run you approximately $20/month of a shared server. In addition, you will likely need to pay for some stock photography (once again very expensive) at a place like

Option 3:  Get a free WordPress Template

You can download a number of free pest control website templates at  While not a pest control website builder a theme will speed up the process.  You will need to spend a lot of time getting wordpress set up and then customizing each theme.  WordPress is extremely complex and is very time consuming to learn.   Each theme will have unique properties and things you need to figure out.  You will likely spend hours learning your theme.  In addition, you will also need to find a website server provider and sign up for shared hosting or dedicated hosting.  We recommend dedicated hosting which should run in the range of $40 to $60/month. In addition, you will likely need to pay for some stock photography ($$$) at a place like .

You can also get a number of paid pest control website templates through Theme Forest and Template Monster.   Even though these pest control website templates will speed up the process a bit you will still spend a large amount of time learning WordPress and setting this website up.   Keep in mind you will still be paying for hosting every month as well!

A quick note about Shared Hosting.  The “free” website builders will put you on shared hosting.  To save money, these websites will buy a single server and then cram thousands of websites all on the same server.  This means that when traffic to other websites (not yours) is high, your website will run slowly because the bandwidth is being used by other websites on the same server.  A dedicated server ensures your website runs quickly so your customers don’t get frustrated!  At we use super fast dedicated servers.

The challenges of pest control website builders

Before you select a pest control website builder, there are a few things you should know.  Most pest control business owners are busy and looking for a fast solution.  They don’t have time to develop a website from scratch.  The assumption is that pest control website builder will allow you to save time and streamline the process.  Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case.

Here are some of the challenges you will face with a pest control website builder:

  • Save time?  Think again – Unfortunately most pest control website builders are not designed to be user friendly.   You will spend hours learning how to modify the template to get it just right.  Certain aspects of your business won’t perfectly fit the template so things will need to be adjusted.  Learning how to make adjustments and modify the template are extremely time consuming.

  • Hosting –  When you use a pest control website builder the website is usually “free” but you are required to use their hosting.  The minimum price is $20 and it scales up from there if you want a dedicated server, more options, etc.

  • Professional Photography –  Does your new pest control website builder include professional photography?  Most don’t.  What you end up with is a cheap looking website.   Professional photography makes a huge difference to your website.

  • SEO Optimized? –  Is your new pest control website builder search engine optimization ready?  If not, how will you implement that?  If your template isn’t optimized for SEO from the beginning it’s going to be an uphill battle having your business show up on google.  Most templates are not optimized!  When customers google your company, they need to find you!

  • Mobile Friendly –  Having a mobile friendly website is very important.  Customers will be searching for your business from their phones.  If your website doesn’t display properly you might be missing out on leads.   Pest control websites should be mobile friendly!

  • Data backup –  If your website files were comprised or something went wrong, do you have a backup in place?  Most pest control website builders don’t include any type of data backup.  You will need to figure out data backup on your own.

It may seem like a time saving shortcut to get a pest control website builder.  Unfortunately it usually ends with a lot of time invested, frustration, and a website that doesn’t appeal to customers.

A better solution –

While a free pest control website builder may sound appealing in the beginning, there is a better option available.

Our company offers pest control websites that require no setup on your part.   Our team of experts set up the website for you!  We ensure that you get a professionally designed website from the start.  Our websites will save you time, money, and frustration.  More importantly, you will have a pest control website that leads to new customers for your business.

We can get your pest control website set up in just 7 to 14 days!  Learn more about how the setup process works below.

How it works

We designed the process from the ground up to make everything simple. Below are exactly the steps to get your pest control website up and running quickly.

  • Step 1:  Check out the 3 website layouts below.  Click the “View Demo” button to see exactly what your new pest control website will look like.

  • Step 2:  Once you have selected the layout you like, fill out the free consultation form at the bottom of the page.  Tell us which website layout you like best and tell us a little bit about your business (company name, address, phone, etc).

  • Step 3:  One of our team members will quickly reach out to discuss your website and confirm any details we need to get started.

  • Step 4:  We will provide with our standard month to month contract to sign (no long term contracts!), along with a link to make your first monthly payment.   Once the contract is signed and payment has been made, we will immediately start building your website on one of our demo servers.

  • Step 5:  Once your website is ready for review, we will send you a link to view the website.  You can provide us with feedback on any minor changes that need to be made before we go live.

  • Step 6:  Once you approve the final website, we will push your final website to your domain name.  Your next monthly bill will be due 30 days after the website goes live since you already paid a 1 month deposit.

Pest Control Website Design Layouts

There are three different demo websites to select from.   Your website will look nearly identical to the website layout you select.  Keep in mind that all text updates are free! We will add some default text to your website but you can have us update the text to your preference.

Don’t like part of the layout?  Want to move something around or add something?  Want more pages added?  No problem.  Each website includes 1 free hour of customization work.  Additional customization and/or pages added to your website costs $50/hour.

Pest Control Website Design
View Demo
Pest Control Website Design
View Demo
Pest Control Website Design
View Demo

Pest Control Website Design Pricing

Your pest control website costs just $49.99/month!

Your website includes all the benefits listed above.  When you consider that quality hosting alone costs $50/month it’s an easy decision!  You can have a professionally designed pest control website for a fraction of what it costs to hire developers.

Ready to get started?  Have questions?  Simply fill out the form below and one of our team members will quickly be in touch.

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Questions about getting started?

We understand!  Getting your website set up online is a big step.  If you have questions or concerns please fill out the free consultation form.  One of our team members will quickly be in touch.  There’s no pressure and no obligation at all to move forward.

You get a fully developed professional website for just $49.99/month.  The best part is that you don’t have to build the website yourself or maintain it.  Each month we provide super fast website hosting and website backup included with your plan.

On average, it takes us just 7 to 14 days to get your website up and running!

No! Even though we spend over 25 hours getting your website set up we do not charge any setup fees.  If you want to customize your pest control website we offer 1 hour of free customization.  You can customize your website or add additional pages for at an additional cost of $50/hour.   Most pest control business owners leave the website set up as is with no additional cost.

When we set up your website you get the following:

  • A professionally designed pest control website
  • Professional stock photography
  • Super fast website hosting
  • An SEO optimized website
  • A mobile friendly website
  • Automatic monthly data backup
  • 1 hour of customization

No.  We do not require long term contracts.  If you decide to cancel your website you can do so at anytime.

Yes!  If you don’t have your own logo, we have a number of options to choose from.