Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your pest control website set up online can be a challenge.   There are endless options.  You can build one yourself or pay a developer 10’s of thousands of dollars to develop one from scratch.  At Pest Control Domains we provide you with a professionally designed website at a fraction of the cost of traditional development.  You get all the benefits of a professionally designed website for an affordable price.

If you have questions about our service check the FAQ below.  We want the process to be as simple as possible.  If you have more questions just fill out the free consultation form at the bottom of this page.

Pest Control Websites – FAQ

Our professionally designed websites cost just $49.99/month.  Thousands of hours went into developing your website which has been optimized for SEO and mobile platforms.  We automatically backup your website for you.  In addition, we host your website on our of our super fast servers.

No!  There are not setup fees to get your website up and running.  We’ll have your new website online within 2 weeks.

Each website template includes 5 total pages of content.   This typically includes the following pages:

  • Home page
  • Residential Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Your Team OR Pricing
  • Contact Page

We spend an average of 25 hours setting up each website. In addition we include 1 hour of customization for free.   Customization to your website includes updating the wording, changing layout, or adding additional pages of content to your website.  Keep in mind that website layout changes and adding new pages takes considerable time.  Text updates are always free!

Additional customization is available for $50/hour after the first 3 hours.

When you get a website at you are licensing the website from us for a monthly fee.  You do not own the website design.  Thousands of hours have gone into the development of these website templates.  The website design, logos, layouts, photography, and functionality have all been done by experts in web design, development, and marketing.  The benefit is that you get a professionally designed website for a fraction of the cost of hiring a development team.

We do offer the option to buy the website design after installation.  Please contact us for further details.

Yes!  If you already have a pest control domain name we can use your existing domain name.   There is no additional cost for using your own domain name.

No problem!  Our pest control website templates were designed to be a complete solution.  You simply provide us with the details about your pest control business.  Once you select a template, logo, and accent color, we take care of the rest.   You’ll have a fully functional website within 2 weeks!

It depends.  For clients who have an existing website we can do a free review.  We’ll analyze your website and determine if it is set up to capture as many leads as possible for your pest control business.  We will make a recommendation based on our findings but ultimately the decision is yours.

The website contract is only for 30 days.  There are no long term contracts!

Please keep in mind that the website design is licensed from us on a monthly basis.  If you choose not to renew your contract we will revert your website back to the original website you were using before you signed up.   We also offer the option to buy out your website design after it’s installed.

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Questions about getting started?

We understand!  Getting your website set up online is a big step.  If you have questions or concerns please fill out the free consultation form.  One of our team members will quickly be in touch.  There’s no pressure and no obligation at all to move forward.

You get a fully developed professional website for just $49.99/month.  The best part is that you don’t have to build the website yourself or maintain it.  Each month we provide super fast website hosting and website backup included with your plan.

On average, it takes us just 7 to 14 days to get your website up and running!

No! Even though we spend over 25 hours getting your website set up we do not charge any setup fees.  If you want to customize your pest control website we offer 1 hour of free customization.  You can customize your website or add additional pages for at an additional cost of $50/hour.   Most pest control business owners leave the website set up as is with no additional cost.

When we set up your website you get the following:

  • A professionally designed pest control website
  • Professional stock photography
  • Super fast website hosting
  • An SEO optimized website
  • A mobile friendly website
  • Automatic monthly data backup
  • 1 hour of customization

No.  We do not require long term contracts.  If you decide to cancel your website you can do so at anytime.

Yes!  If you don’t have your own logo, we have a number of options to choose from.