Website Design and Hosting Agreement

Thank you for choosing Pest Control Domains for your website design and hosting needs.   Please review and digitally sign the agreement at the bottom of this page.

  1. Service Description:  The service you are paying for is a website template that is licensed on a monthly basis.  In addition to receiving the website design license on a monthly basis,  you also receive website hosting included with the monthly fee as well.  All website updates, backups, maintenance, server updates, etc at the responsibility of Pest Control Domains.
  2. Design Ownership:  The website design is owned by Pest Control Domains and you are simply licensing the design monthly.  If you choose to cancel the contract, the website design, layout, photos, content and functionality are retained by Pest Control Domains.   The only exception is client provided content.  If you write content that you want placed on the website, you are free to take this content with you to your new website.
  3. Domain Ownership:  The website domain is owned by the client and is not owned or controlled by Pest Control Domains.   Your domain registrar will charge a yearly fee for domain ownership which is the responsibility of the client.  Pest Control Domains points your to domain to look at our server where we host your website, but you will always control and own your domain name.
  4. Plan Inclusions:  Your plan includes the website design license, website hosting, website maintenance, website update, server updates, security fixes, and website back up.  Your plan also includes 3 hours of customization work included when you sign up.   If you want to change the layout, edit content, or add pages, we provide 3 hours for free so you can get basic tweaks completed on the website without paying an additional cost.  Your plan includes free unlimited content updates.  Please see “content” below.  Your plan includes utilizing the Stripe payment gateway.  Other payment options may be used, but these are considered customization time.
  5. Plan Exclusions:  After the first 3 hours of included customization, your plan does not include adding new pages, changing the layout, changing payment processors, or anything else outside of a content update.  Any work that is not part of the plan inclusions will be billed at a rate of $50/hour.  If you want additional photos added to the website, you must provide those photos or purchase them from for us to include them on the website.
  6. Content:  The content, or text found on the website, can be changed at any time free of charge.  However, Pest Control Domains will not write content for you.  You can provide us with the written content and where it should be placed, and will will update the website accordingly.  If your content requires us to change the layout to make things fit, this is considered customization and will be billed at $50/hour.
  7. Contract Term: The contract term is month to month.  You may cancel your contract at any time and it will terminate at the end of the current 30 day term.  Your website will remain active until this time.  The contract term begins on the day your website goes live.
  8. Contract Termination:  To terminate your contract, simply email Pest Control Domains that you would like your contract to end.   We will cancel the automatic payments that process each month.
  9. Deposit Amount:  We require a 1 month deposit before we begin building out your website on our demo server.  This deposit is to ensure you are serious about moving forward and is non-refundable. If you decide you do not want to move forward with the website after you make your deposit, we will not issue a refund as we spend a lot of time building out the website.  Your deposit will be credited to the first month which begins when the website goes live.
  10. Monthly Payment:  Your payment is due on the first day of the month your contract started on.  All payments will be made via credit card and will be automatically billed each month.  No payment plans, checks, or other forms of payment will be accepted.  Automatic payment is required.
  11. Late Payments:  If your credit card payment is declined and/or your payment is not received for any reason, we reserve the right to temporarily take down your website after 14 days past due.  An “Under Construction” or “Temporarily Unavailable” page will be displayed on your website until payment is made.
  12. Admin Panel Access:  As the client, you will not have access to the admin panel.  You will not be able to export any settings, add new content, or have any control over the website itself.  We manage the website on your behalf.
  13. Limitation of Liability:  You agree to hold Pest Control Domains, it’s officers, owners, shareholders, affiliates, and parent companies harmless from any loss of business due to website downtime, server issues, or any other technical issues arising for any reason.  In addition, you agree that the maximum loss sustained while utilizing the service is the monthly fee charged by Pest Control Domains.   Note:  No customer data, credit cards, customer details or any other important information is stored on the website.

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