Website for Pest Control Companies

Getting a website for pest control companies can be a challenge.  There are a million options to pick from.   How do you pick the right pest control website for your business?   We are going to explain all your options for getting a website for pest control companies.

Free Websites for Pest Control Companies

You may be tempted to use a “Free” service for your pest control website.   There are few reasons we recommend avoiding free services.   As a small business we recognize the need to keep costs low.   When it comes to the website for your pest control company the free option is likely not the way to go. Here are some of the issues with free websites for pest control companies:

  • Your Time:  While the website may be free, your time will be required to get everything set up properly.  They make it look super simple to get your website set up, but it will take you a significant amount of time to do.
  • Quality Design:  Free pest control websites tend to look like free websites.  There is a level of professionalism that’s always missing from the design.  You want your website to have a professional look so you can attract customers.
  • Photography:  If you use a free website service, you don’t have any professional photography to add.   Professional photography is a key component to your website and it’s also expensive.   When you use one of our templates, it includes professional photography.  This will put your pest control website a step above the competition.
  • SEO Optimized:  Most free pest control website templates are not SEO optimized.  Even if they are, do you know how to properly structure your title tags (H1, H2, etc), set up an attract page title and meta description for search engines?    All of our pest control websites are SEO optimized from the found up.
  • Free isn’t free:  Many free website builders claim to be free.  The “design” that you spent hours messing with is free.  The hosting and other services are not free.  The bottom line is that you will end up paying something for even a free service.  How else would they stay in business?  Spending a few extra dollars to get a professionally designed pest control website is worth a few extra bucks.

The issue above are just scratching the surface.  If you want your business to grow online, you need a professionally designed pest control website from   We can get your website up and running quickly.   Check out our demo websites at this link.

Hiring Web Developers

Another option to get a website for pest control companies is to hire a web developer.  You will need to hire both a front end designer and back end developer.   Development usually takes longer than 6 months if you start from scratch.

A custom built website will take a lot of your time and will also be very expensive.  Even though they are building the website for you, every little design decision and how things function has to be picked by you.  It’s similar to building a custom home.  There are a lot of ways to do it and a million options.

Rather than spend a fortune building something from scratch, our professional pest control websites are a more affordable option.  You will quickly get the look of a custom designed website for a fraction of the cost and without the headache!

Get a professional website at

At we can set you up with a professional website quickly.  If you need a website for pest control companies we can set you up.  Our pest control website templates are designed from the ground up for the Pest Control Industry.  We know how to get results for your company.  Your new website is optimized to get customers to pick up the phone or fill out the contact form.

The best part is that our websites for pest control companies are just $99/month.  You get a quality website for a fraction of what you would pay to develop from scratch.  You also get a professional design that will get results for your company.

Visit our pest control websites page or fill out the contact form below.

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We understand!  Getting your website set up online is a big step.  We highly recommend a free consultation if you are thinking about a pest control website.  This will allow us to speak with your directly about your business.  You’ll talk with one of our marketing experts one on one.   There’s no pressure and no obligation at all.

You get a fully developed website for just $99/month.  Your website is optimized to convert potential customers into paying clients.  Your professional pest control website will attract new customers for your pest control business!  Each month we provide super fast website hosting and website backup included with your plan.

On average, it takes us just 2 weeks to get your website up and running!

No! Even though we spend over 25 hours getting your website set up we do not charge any setup fees.  If you want to customize your pest control website we offer 3 hours of free customization.  You can customize your website for at an additional cost of $50/hour.   Most pest control business owners leave the website set up as is with no additional cost.

When we set up your website you get the following:

  • A professionally designed pest control website
  • Professional stock photography
  • Super fast website hosting
  • An SEO optimized website
  • A mobile friendly website
  • Automatic monthly data backup
  • 5 Pages of Content + 3 hours of customization

No.  We do not require long term contracts.  If you decide to cancel your website you can do so at anytime.